The Grime

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11.33.48 PM.pngThe Grime. The Cleansing. The Clear View.
For weeks now, I’ve been riding around with a salty, grimy car after a trip to Charleston. Rust and corrosion will set in if the salty film isn’t washed off. This afternoon I finally took my little white car through the car wash. Y’all, it felt like I had a new car! I had grown so used to the grime that I’d forgotten how nice it is to have a clear view!
After soaking in these past two days at The BELONG TOUR, I’m now in a place of cleansing. I’ve allowed rust and joy-corrosion into my spirit for a number of months and I knew today it was time to change. In this cleansing comes surrendering, allowing the Holy Spirit to wash away my salty grime and set my heart and my mind anew. Here’s the caveat to the cleansing: in order to be cleaned, I have to recognize and own my grime, my dirt, my mess. I’m so glad He is a patient and loving God, ’cause listen: there is a LOT of mess that this gal needs to flat-out lay at His feet. 
Owning our mess and living in a place of authenticity is scary, risky, and makes us vulnerable. But it’s a must-do, Ladies. When we live in our truth and live in a place of surrender to Him, we are blazing the trail for our fellow sisters to do the same. Joy comes with this surrender, the weight of shame, comparison, regret, and guilt are no longer holding us back, and our freshly cleaned windshield provides a clear view once again.
If you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have this clear view, I’m cheering for you. Here’s to you, Ladies. Here’s wishing you a glad surrender, a cleansing of your grime, and a fresh, clear view for where He is leading you.

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